Projects under centre for Agricultural and Rural Studies

 Wednesday, April 26, 2023 

Prof Subhash Kumar, in charge of this AI Technology project, added, “This project will help farmers to get an accurate prediction of weather for their village and also help to prevent the loss of crop due to weather conditions.” 

Exhibition at Xynergy 2019

Mumbai 7 December 2019, written by Prasoon Anand (SYBSc.IT 2019-20)

Xynergy 2019 held at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai on 28 and 29 November respectively, was a grand success. The exhibition commenced with the ceremonious event of lighting of the candle by the esteemed Chief Guest along with vice principal who then visited all the stalls with enthusiastic fervour and words of encouragement.

The exhibition started at 8am and continued on till 4pm on both the days where the students of all the departments of the senior college put up stalls representing the various departments. The aim of the exhibition was to give the junior college children who are on the cusp of making a very important academic decision of their life to get an idea about what the different streams offer and decide wherein lay their interests, to be able to pursue their passion as a profession. Such decisions in formative years shape an individual’s personality and life and are quite crucial in deciding our contribution to the country as well because the youth today, is the future tomorrow. Especially in a time where the world isn’t confined to the binaries of engineers and doctors; the college wants each of its student to reach for the sky and beyond along the lines of the college motto, ‎Provocans Ad Volandum which translates to ‘Provoked to Fly’.

The common basis of all the set ups at various stalls was to spark interest of the audience and encourage them to explore the different strata’s of academics. The students were asked various questions regarding the syllabus, the staff, the teaching methods employed and the professions offered by the courses. Students from senior as well as junior college and other colleges around Mumbai visited the exhibition along with school going children of classes 8th and 9th who moved around with wonder in their eyes, marvelling at the different displays. Our department, the IT Department had 4 things on display, an interactive AI robot, M-Bot; a Tic Tac Toe robot; a LED Matrix and a computer game tailored for our very own college, XavierHunt. The whole department was involved in ensuring the success of our stall and its smooth running, our class contributed in preparing the charts and motivated us throughout the exhibition, always eager to help, it was a group effort and brought the IT family closer. Our personal experience taught us some invaluable lessons, we learned how to be more interactive and make ourselves more easily accessible, it taught us how to present complex ideas and working in a simple, unified concept which could be easily understood by a diverse audience. We received extremely positive and encouraging feedback from students and faculty members, the department was praised and the teaching applauded for encouraging students to make live projects, one of the faculty members brought his kid to our stall especially, to interact with M-Bot !Students representing other departments visited our stall as well.

All the stalls were set up by the help of our teachers who motivated us and boosted our morale from time to time; they showed us how to present cohesively, interact with the audience and looked after us. The exhibition ended on a high note, fulfilling its purpose of sparking up the interests of young minds, opening up new avenues for their exploration, creating an atmosphere of learning and intellect with a good measure of curiosity and appreciation.


IIIT-Bengaluru, 19 January 2019

Sumit Sonagra (SYBSc.IT) was part of a team which had an industry expert from Morgan and Stanley and two school students. They secured the first prize for creating an inclusive hangman app for visually impaired users as well as people with other disabilities, in the mentorship track and their team won a cash prize of Rs.7500 /- 

Prof. Lydia Fernandes and BSc.IT Student Sumit Sonagra on the right of the image, featured in the times of India, Bengaluru.